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What is Konga®

KONGA® is an easy-to-follow, high intensity fusion of Boxing, Cardio, Dance and Sculpting set to the hottest beats from all decades. KONGA® is a fierce and wild workout designed to shape, sculpt and redefine your physique while injecting your body with an endorphin overload. Expect to squat, burpee, sprint and sweat like crazy while some big tunes transport you to your happy place. Whether you are super fit or totally uncoordinated, KONGA® is for you! With fresh choreography, new technique and the latest music every month you will never hit a plateau or get bored! Leave your inhibitions at the door, let yourself move to your hearts content and escape into the beats!

Who is Konga® Suited to?

KONGA® is designed for men and women over the age of 16 of all body shapes, sizes and fitness levels. KONGA® is designed for beginners to be able to step in at any time and successfully master the workout immediately. The easy-to-follow movements combined with high intensity fitness principles allow the participant to be able to partake at whatever level they feel comfortable at.

Konga Details...


What makes KONGA® different to other workouts?

    Each Routine has only 4 movements keeping it simplistic to participate in.

    The choreography is specifically designed to be easy to follow.

    Each movement creates change in the body ensuring the ultimate results

    New choreography is released every month keeping the program fresh and exciting.

konga class

What is the objective of KONGA®?

    Have fun and smile.

    Burn calories, tone up and improve cardiovascular fitness.

    Enjoy a positive, inclusive and energetic environment.

    Learn the hottest dance trends to the latest music.

konga training

What are the benefits of KONGA®?

Improved muscle tone/definition/strength

Improved metabolic function

Improved mood and reduced stress

Decreased body fat

Improved cardiovascular and muscular endurance

Improved joint mobility and range of motion

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How many calories can Konga Burn?

Research1 has shown that KONGA® burns between 400 and 700 calories per 60 minute class. The exact expenditure during a class depends on a number of different variables, including exact weight, muscle content, fitness level and more. The more vigorously you do KONGA®, the more calories you will use. For example, fast plyometric routines that lead to a high heart rate will burn more calories than a KONGA® Cool Down. Therefore, it is important that you follow The Jungle Body® structure and choreography to ensure your class is given the right routines to achieve their goals.

The Jungle Body®

The Jungle Body® method is functional hybrid beat-driven training fusing Dance, Boxing, Cardio and Sculpting. The result is a powerful fat burning experience that shapes the physique, floods the body with endorphins and creates the ultimate Jungle Body.

The Jungle Body® choreography

The Jungle Body® choreography is functional multi-joint, multi-muscle movement to provide you with strength, stability, power, mobility, endurance and flexibility. The hybrid fusion of fluid dance styles with powerful boxing techniques and sport-specific training provides complete full body results. Each choreographed routine is driven by the beat creating the ultimate physical fitness experience.